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LIEVT News [originally posted by kit cafaro] I just looked at the pictures of the meeting at Coram. I hope that Richie McKenna, Van Johnson and Steve Justice of Allison will see them. They are excellent. Denis from Fire News did a great job and Nate Berry does a great job with the website.I never entered anything here before and I don't even know if this is the correct place but I wanted to say this.

Hey, I'm impressed - Kit posted this all by herself! Good work, Kit! Remember, the photos aren't actually up on this website. They are stored on Flickr.com which anyone can get a free account on. Clicking on the photos will bring you to *that* website (you will leave LIEVT). If the LIEVT organization wants to have unlimited bandwidth for photo storage, we could pay the small fee ($25 / year). Until then, it's free - but I can only store a certain amount of photos per month.