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Kussmaul Training - July 31, 2012

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Meeting Reports Our members have been invited to a full day of classes on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 at
(631) 567-0314
Instruction will begin at 9 AM and will end at 3:30 PM

The following will be covered:

  • BATTERY CHARGERS – How to troubleshoot
  • BATTERY CHARGERS - Selection and sizing
  • PUMPS – Installation
  • SOLAR PANELS – How they work and designing the system
  • AUTO EJECTS – Operation, servicing and preventive maintenance
This will be “Hands On”


There will be lunch and a plant tour

RSVP is a must.
Email Kit KITUNLTD at AOL dot COM or call (631)-543-7848

updated with notes on Aug 20, 2012 (click 'read more' below)

These notes are from Danny

Twenty of our members attended the full day of class on July 31, 2012. They were welcomed by Ernie Kussmaul, the founder of Kussmaul Electronics and Tom Nugent, the president of Kussmaul. Kit made name tags for each of the attendees.

The class started with an introduction to basic electric and moved on to how we need that background to diagnose in the field.

BATTERY CHARGERS and how we size them to our vehicles. The Kussmaul recommended ratings and loads for dual battery bank systems and remote display options were all covered.

AUTO EJECTS and their internal function were all covered including how to rebuild them as well as understanding faulty parts.

AIR PUMPS updates and troubleshooting were covered. Quick test tips were given to help the technician in the field as well as an introduction to Kussmaul helpful tools that are available.

SOLAR PANELS – there was an overview on how this product will play in our future as well as a typical installation or mounting on a fire apparatus.

The classes were conducted by Philip Sgroi, Priject Engineer and Tom Nugent, President.

There were refreshment breaks as well as an excellent lunch. The members enjoyed a tour of the Kussmaul facility.

Very attractive Certificates of Completion of the Class will be awarded to every attendee. They will be distributed at the next meeting – September 20 at the Setauket Fire Dept.