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Meeting Report - Mar. 2013

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Meeting Reports Minutes from the last meeting Held at the Babylon Village Fire Department March 20th. Dinner was served and we even had homemade Chili provide by Chef Mike Buglione!

Click Read More below for the minutes, or click on the picture to see pictures from the meeting.

Danny Welcomed everyone we thanked Jr Alverez from the Babylon Village FD for all of his hard work to get a meeting held in his dept.

We spoke about upcoming classes in April. The Weldon was filled and that we had a wait list but Barbara Couldn’t turn anyone away so the class would be very full.

Danny & Barbara explained that the Cummins class wouldn’t work out for the group. That Cummins only wanted dealers and only 6 people in a class.

We spoke about the Spartan class in October and that we wanted to work something out that 2 members would win part of the trip paid. We would try to do something like 1500 each towards the class for tuition, flight and hotel. We would do some kind of drawing in May. Everyone agreed it was a great idea and voted to make it a go.

Bill Tricarico, CSC
Senior Risk Management Consultant
McNeil & Company
Was the first speaker on Liability

Performance Advantage Company
Chick Granito & Mike McGuire
Spoke on New Products

Barbara Gave the treasure report that we are doing great with members and dues. Only a handful of members haven’t paid.