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Meeting Report - Apr, 2016

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Meeting Reports LIEVT had the regular meeting at the Huntington Fire Department on April 13, 2016. The meeting was very well attended - the members were served an excellent steak dinner with all the trimmings - salad, baked potato, mushrooms and onions on linen tablecloths.

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We had chefs' hats for the cooks. Dessert included a beautiful birthday cake for Kit Cafaro who has volunteered for the organization for more than a quarter century. She was presented with flowers and a gift certificate from the members.

The president, Bill D'Alessandro, opened the meeting with the pledge to the flag and asked for a minute of silence for our departed members and our troops overseas. He thanked East Meadow for their hospitality in March. He asked Kit to read the minutes from that meeting. She made a correction - she said that her congressman had sent the mailing where she discovered the unclaimed NAEVT funds. It actually was a NYS elected official. The members were very interested in that money - we talked about trying to get it for LIEVT. We might see what we can do without spending too much money. The minutes were accepted by John Matta and seconded by Nick D'Alessandro. Bill introduced our webmaster, Nate Berry of FRC and thanked him for that and for making up the certificates we use presentations. We used to spend a lot on them in the past and these are much nicer.

The president asked Barbara Connolly, the treasurer, to make a report. We now have 108 paid members. She talked about the jackets the members received this winter. Everyone had very good things to report. There were discussions about what we should get for the members in the spring. She reported what training classes would be offered. FRC would have a limit of 25 attendees if their class were to be taught in their headquarters. Will Turcios of FRC and Barbara suggested to have it for a full day at a fire department where a larger group could be accommodated. It was well received. Will discussed classes on foam systems, electronics and lighting. He asked for suggestions from the floor and concluded that there was interest in basic electronics, how that might relate to wiring power supplies up to wiring a relay and radio frequency interference. This will happen in the fall.

The president introduced Jim Reichert and Bob Gross from The Maintenance Connection. After an introduction by Jim Reichert, Bob Gross made a presentation on safety. After that, the members went downstairs to the Huntington FD maintenance shop where Jim and Bob demonstrated some abrasive and metal working tools. Of particular interest was the I TOP which is a self-tapping, threaded insert. Ten or twelve more products were demonstrated - they were equally well received

The president presented a framed certificate of appreciation to Bruce Smith who represented the Huntington Fire Department and to Jim Reichert who is the Long Island representative of The Maintenance Connection - the pictures of this meeting can be seen here on LIEVT.org. The members spent so much time downstairs watching the demonstrations made by Jim Reichert and Bob Gross of The Maintenance Connection that the meeting which was upstairs was finally adjourned without the usual raffle. The items will be added to the raffle on May 12 at the Westbury Fire Department. .