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Meeting Report - March, 2017

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Meeting Reports The regular meeting of LIEVT was held at the Bay Shore Fire District on Thursday, March 23, 2017. The February 9 meeting was canceled because of a heavy snowfall. The members enjoyed an excellent dinner and were made to feel welcome by the Bay Shore officers and men. The president, Bill D'Alessandro and the Vice-President, Danny Peluso were not able to attend. Kit Cafaro and Barbara Connolly conducted the meeting.

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Kit opened the meeting with the pledge to the flag and a minute of silence for our past members and our service people. Kit read the minutes from the January 12 meeting which were approved. Barbara reported on the FDSOA. Our members who were in attendance at the meeting in Orlando mentioned that the new FDSOA president admits he needs help. Tom Probst made phone calls to past attendees to get some information that would be of help to the president. They plan to have a meeting in two weeks with an advisory board - they know they have to get more mechanics on board.

Barbara reported that she had paid our insurance and talked about our treasury and topics that are of interest to our group. Rob Buglione is arranging a presentation by Barnwell. Will of FRC plans to hold a daytime class in September, October or November but we need a department to host it so that more members can attend since FRC's facilities do not have enough room.

Barbara has collected names of members who are interested in going to the FDNY shops. We are looking at a weekday in May leaving Long Island about 4PM our members did not want to take a day off work.

Everyone would like to see Wantagh have a barbeque in June. Trident supplied the meat in the past. Tom Probst is working on having Waterous Pump make a hands-on display.

Kit read a letter of appreciation from the Terry Farrell Firefighter Fund. After they spoke at our meeting they received donations of used equipment and parts of apparatus which they sent to needy departments.

Will from FRC told our members about a new upgrade offer to retrofit older halogen lights with newer LED lights at special pricing.

Frank Cherba of Bay Shore introduced Micah Schecter of Matco Tools who gave an excellent presentation and power point on their android based wireless diagnostic scanner system. The tools which were passed around for inspection were a ruggedized IP65 computer tablet with a specialized program interface, Maximus 2.0 for ODBII connection running an unlocked version of android with the full google play store.

Programming an ECM (jbox J2534 programming) is outside of the scan tool's abilities, this is a scanner tool. Flashing a new program is done with a different kind of tool.

A user registers his serial number and the software is constantly updated. Users select their specific engine type and the tools has a specific set of features available for each vehicle.

Micah had rapt attention from our members followed by a good Q & A. His company gave each of our attendees a Matco Tools hat.

Kit presented a framed certificates to Micah Schecter and to Bay Shore Fire District Asst. Fire Chief Jerry Roekfeld . A raffle was held with prizes from Holmatro, Hendrickson, Rescue 1 and FRC. The meeting was adjourned.

Pictured in the gallery images are:

  • With the chefs hats:
    • Tall in center - Ray Ekelund, Jr.
    • Long Apron - Pat Fusco
    • Hands in front - Anthony Shlendario
  • Plaques
    • Micah Schecter Matco Tools
    • Asst. Fire Chief Jerry Rockfeld - Bay Shore Fire Dept.