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Meeting Report - October, 2017

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Meeting Reports The regular meeting of LIEVT was held at the Coram Fire Department on October 26, 2017. The members enjoyed an excellent dinner and were made to feel welcome by the Coram officers and men. We presented our LIEVT chef’s hat. The president, Bill D’Alessandro was not able to attend. The Vice-President, Danny Peluso conducted the meeting.

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Danny opened the meeting with the pledge to the flag and a minute of silence for our past members and our service people. Kit was asked to read the minutes from the September 7 meeting at the Commack Fire Department. She reported that she just discovered today that they were not available. Someone was reporting them to her and she didn’t have them. She promised that they would be coming. Barbara reported on all the work Nate Berry of FRC does for the organization such as maintaining our website, printing our presentation certificates, etc. much of it on his own time. She and our members agreed that the organization owed him a debt of gratitude.

Barbara announced that Part 2 of Maco Heavy Duty will be held at the Bay Shore Fire Department on November 30 or December 7. Westbury Fire Department will host the Waterous Class. The computerized dumping system seen by our members who attended the Nashville show was discussed.

Danny reported that he uses Red Alert. He told our members to get on Facebook. Ray at Chivvis told Danny about his experience with pressure governors. Danny plans to do an electrical class and a welding class.

Barbara introduced Scott Weeden, Barnwell Tire Vice President of Sales. He introduced his associates as well as the representatives from Goodyear Corporate. They had set up quite a display of the commercial tires. They told us about construction, applications, properties, repair and maintenance of tires. They offer onsite audits to determine if any tires are in need of replacement due to age, wear or improper usage. Lug patterns and load capacities were discussed for varying applications. They had several of their tires on display as well as their “Duraseal” self sealing tires that heat puncture wound in the tread area up to ¼ inch in diameter. It was mentioned that tire pressures, dates and tread depth should be checked periodically to insure safe and reliable usage. There were some literature handouts as well as pens and Goodyear blimps for members to take. Remember 1 psi low of air pressure can lower load carrying capacity by 20 – 30 pounds.

After a raffle, the meeting was adjourned.