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Kussmaul Training - July 31, 2012

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Meeting Reports Our members have been invited to a full day of classes on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 at
(631) 567-0314
Instruction will begin at 9 AM and will end at 3:30 PM

The following will be covered:

  • BATTERY CHARGERS – How to troubleshoot
  • BATTERY CHARGERS - Selection and sizing
  • PUMPS – Installation
  • SOLAR PANELS – How they work and designing the system
  • AUTO EJECTS – Operation, servicing and preventive maintenance
This will be “Hands On”


There will be lunch and a plant tour

RSVP is a must.
Email Kit KITUNLTD at AOL dot COM or call (631)-543-7848

updated with notes on Aug 20, 2012 (click 'read more' below)

Image Galleries

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LIEVT News For many years photos taken at our organization's meetings and events have been stored on Flickr (a photo sharing site owned by Yahoo). This social photo-sharing website allows only a limited number of photos to be stored there for free and we had reached the maximum number. Using that site also meant that images couldn't easily be put into the pages here. I took some time and moved all the images I have to this website (where we have unlimited space) and then went through every meeting report and added an image link to the full album on each one. You can also go through the Gallery directly by clicking the Gallery link at the upper-most right-hand corner of this website (there are some other interesting links along the top to check out while you're there). Each gallery has a link back to the minutes associated with that event. This new system isn't quite as nice as Flickr, but it is very much more easy for me to maintain. It also makes the images more accessible (since they're not buried in Flickr) and associates them with the meetings better. Let us know what you think!

Meeting Report - June, 2012

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Meeting Reports The regular meeting of the LONG ISLAND EMERGENCY VEHICLE TECHNICIANS was held on Thursday, June 28, 2012 at the West Hempstead Fire Department. This was the meeting where our members were encouraged to bring the personal bikes and vehicles they were working on. The vehicles they brought were works of art. The weather was excellent and everyone enjoyed an excellent barbeque as they admired and discussed the vehicles.

Meeting Report - May, 2012

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Meeting Reports The regular meeting of the LONG ISLAND EMERGENCY VEHICLE TECHNICIANS was held on Thursday, May 10, 2012 at the Centereach Fire District. An excellent dinner was served to the forty some attendees and the volunteers at Centereach certainly deserved the LIEVT chefs’ hats they were presented with.