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Meeting Report - Oct. 2021

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Meeting Reports Minutes of the October 2021 General Meeting

This months meeting was held at the Seaford Fire Headquarters on October 26.

The meeting was called to order by the Secretary at 19:55 hours with a salute to the flag followed by a moment of silence with 26 members present. The Seaford Fire Department served a dinner of fine Italian Cuisine.

The speaker from Darley scheduled for tonights meeting was forced to cancel at the last minute due to illness but Barbara is hoping to reschedule him in the near future. Lacking a speaker Barbara reached out to our own Paul Sailon who once again stepped up by leading us in a round table discussion on all things electric.

In what has become a common discussion Barbara spoke about the need for training topics that interest the membership. This discussion brought forth the following;

  • Artie Koenig will advise Tarren that he needs to research a class on coolant.
  • Anthony Roberto will research an Aerial Ladder class.
  • I (Roy Ekelund) will be looking into a brake class.
  • Steve Schuman will be putting together a live demonstration on Pump testing that will be held once we see warm weather in the spring.
Barbara once again discussed our need for Fire Departments to step up and host meetings as she is not able to schedule meetings without a location.

The meeting adjourned at 21:00 hours.

Minutes by Roy Ekelund

Meeting Report - May. 2021

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Meeting Reports LIEVT
Minutes of the May 2021 General Meeting

This month's meeting was held at the Mastic Fire Headquarters on May 26, it was called to order by President Manetta at 20:00 hours with a salute to the flag followed by a moment of silence with 32 members present. Mastic members served a buffet dinner and desserts.
Barbara and John spoke about future classes as well as our need for Departments to host future meetings. Barbara reported that she is scheduled to attend a Suffolk County Chiefs Council Meeting to present the Chiefs with an overview of our organization. She is hoping to be able to do the same in Nassau at some point in the near future.

This month's presentation/class was given by Fleet Reps Warren Jaffe and Jeff Beutel
They spoke about the Whelen Cencom Core System and First Responder safety that included an informative power point and an impressive live demo with two well lit SUVs.
The meeting adjourned at 21:45 hours

Minutes by Roy Ekelund

Meeting Report - Apr. 2021

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Meeting Reports LIEVT
Minutes of the April 2021 General Meeting

The meeting was held at West Babylon Fire Headquarters on April 29, it was called to order by President Manetta at 20:01 hours with 41 members present. Members were served dinner of pizza with all of the accompaniments by members of the Department.
An informative Class/Discussion was lead by Brian Cassell. Brian is the Northeast Regional Manager at Kussmaul Electronics in West Sayville and he spoke about the future of operating ambulances and fire apparatus on battery power when parked to reduce emissions and save on fuel. The topic seemed well received as some members have already been upgrading ambulances with the Kussmaul system.
The meeting adjourned at 21:30 hours.

Minutes by Roy Ekelund

EVT Testing Oct 14-21, 2020

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EVT Testing Register at http://www.evtcc.org/

Deadline to register is Friday, September 25

Register early to make sure you get a seat. Space is limited due to social distancing.

Test takers must wear a face mask, follow social distancing and all CDC guidelines and protocols the test sites have put in place.

Please do not attend if you have:

  • been diagnosed with or exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days or
  • had a fever or had respiratory symptoms in the last 72 hours
Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe.

Zoom hangout - May, 2020

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LIEVT News About 14 members attended an impromptu test of using Zoom to connect and meet during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since most firehouses have implemented a closed door policy to ensure the safety of firefighters and since NY government recommendations against large gatherings make getting together in person not feasible the LIEVT board decided to test out using Zoom to collaborate online. The test went well, it was good to see everyone that managed to attend and we planned to set up a more formal meeting using this method in the near future. A full list of attendees was compiled by Kit and will be added to this post as time allows.