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LIEVT News There are several sections of the LIEVT.org site of which you may not be aware. One important such area is the Links section. I usually submit new links to manufacturers or organizations as they present at meetings, and so you'll see the new links in the 'What's New' section for about 2 weeks. Once they get older than that, they disappear from the 'What's New' block, but you can find them again by clicking 'Links' in the section along the top of this site (where it says --> Go Home, Events, *Links*). If you don't see a site in our database that is fire related and that you think should be included, you can submit it. You can also search for links by typing in whatever you're looking for in the white box at upper right of the site (above where it says 'advanced search') and clicking 'Search'. Links that match your criteria will show up in the 'Links results' section.

Meeting Report - June 2006

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Meeting Reports [report submitted by Kit Cafaro] The final spring meeting was hosted by the East Meadow Fire Department on June 8, 2006. Close to fifty members were in attendance to enjoy the excellent buffet and hands-on, information packed program. Alex Perez and the members certainly earned their Fire Chefs’ Hats.


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LIEVT News [originally posted by kit cafaro] I just looked at the pictures of the meeting at Coram. I hope that Richie McKenna, Van Johnson and Steve Justice of Allison will see them. They are excellent. Denis from Fire News did a great job and Nate Berry does a great job with the website.I never entered anything here before and I don't even know if this is the correct place but I wanted to say this.

Hey, I'm impressed - Kit posted this all by herself! Good work, Kit! Remember, the photos aren't actually up on this website. They are stored on Flickr.com which anyone can get a free account on. Clicking on the photos will bring you to *that* website (you will leave LIEVT). If the LIEVT organization wants to have unlimited bandwidth for photo storage, we could pay the small fee ($25 / year). Until then, it's free - but I can only store a certain amount of photos per month.

Meeting Report - Apr. 2006

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Meeting Reports LIEVT MEETING REPORT – April 20, 2006 – Coram Fire Department, by Kit Cafaro

Approximately sixty members attended the dinner meeting at the Coram Fire Department on April 20. The Fire Chefs hats were certainly well deserved. Steve Justice of Allison Transmission conducted a Preventative Maintenance Class on the 400P Allison Transmission which the membership was waiting for. He also discussed the new electronic transmission and hybrid vehicles as well as the new Allison DOC tool. Everyone learned how they could get any information they might want from Allison's website. Steve and Chris Milani of Drivetrain Truck Parts provided NY Yankee tickets and tickets for the Indy 500 for the raffle.

EVT Aerials Test - May 18

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EVT Testing Chris has finalized the MAY EVT Test schedule:
  • April 26 - Wednesday - Preparation class - SUNY Farmingdale - Lupton Hall - Room #119
  • May 1 - Monday - LAST DAY TO REGISTER - go to www.evtcc.org or call Sherry @ 847 426-4075
  • May 18 - Thursday EVT test - SUNY Farmingdale - Lupton Hall - Room # 119