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Meeting Report - Sep. 2005

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Meeting Reports The first meeting of the fall season was held at East Farmingdale Fire Department on September 28. LIEVT member Artie Shirreffs and Chief Kevin de Vito arranged to have an excellent grilled chicken dinner with all the trimmings before the business meeting.President Steve Velasquez opened the meeting and introduced Brian Roehrich of FIRE RESEARCH CORP. who discussed the electrical training seminar that will be held at 26 Southern Blvd., Nesconset on October 27 at 9 AM. There will be no charge to attendees - lunch and coffee breaks will be provided. The size will be limited to the first 40 who register. If there is an overflow, FRC may do another class at another time. The members were told to go to the web site http://www.lievt.org for information or contact Brian at (973) 256-0026 or RSVP to fax # (973) 256-0387.

Meeting Report - June 2005

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Meeting Reports The Medford Fire Department hosted the Long Island Emergency Vehicle Technicians on June 7. The main course of the dinner was a great barbeque of assorted meats. The chefs were presented with the LIEVT Fire Chefs Hats. President Steve Velasquez opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. He continues to ask members to fill out the sheets to update our database. He discussed the upcoming FIREHOUSE in Baltimore on July 28-31 and distributed tickets for admission to the exhibit halls. The organization will reimburse members’ airfares on Southwest per details discussed at the meeting.

Meeting Notice - Sept. 28, 2005 (final)

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Meeting Notices Next meeting will be on Wednesday, Sept. 28th, 2005 at East Farmingdale FD.

East Farmingdale FD
930 Conklin St. E. Farmingdale 11735
631-249-1505 X 1200 in case you get lost!

Dinner will be at 7 PM

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LIEVT Forums

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LIEVT News Several people have asked me about how to post questions or comments on this site. It's not very obvious, but look for the link at the top of the page that says "Forums". Click on that underlined word and the forums page opens up. From there you can click on interesting links until you get to an interesting area. You can click the "New Post" icon or "Reply" to start a comment. Comments are generally not permitted on the main stories (like this one) on this site, comments are made in the forums only.

LIEVT Photo Page

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LIEVT News Kit has been asking me about getting more pictures up on the site since we started this thing and frankly I never set this site up to do pictures (easily) so I have been stalling. Today I set up a free flickr account to hold LIEVT images of interest. I added a small block on this site to show some of them (right side, scroll down). If you click on those images you will be taken to the image page. note: The images are not located on the lievt.org server, so clicking on the link will take you to *another* website. Click read more for some helpful hints. Have fun!