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LIEVT Forums

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LIEVT News Several people have asked me about how to post questions or comments on this site. It's not very obvious, but look for the link at the top of the page that says "Forums". Click on that underlined word and the forums page opens up. From there you can click on interesting links until you get to an interesting area. You can click the "New Post" icon or "Reply" to start a comment. Comments are generally not permitted on the main stories (like this one) on this site, comments are made in the forums only.

LIEVT Photo Page

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LIEVT News Kit has been asking me about getting more pictures up on the site since we started this thing and frankly I never set this site up to do pictures (easily) so I have been stalling. Today I set up a free flickr account to hold LIEVT images of interest. I added a small block on this site to show some of them (right side, scroll down). If you click on those images you will be taken to the image page. note: The images are not located on the lievt.org server, so clicking on the link will take you to *another* website. Click read more for some helpful hints. Have fun!

Wantaugh FD Fundraiser Benefit and Blood Drive

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LIEVT News Wantaugh FD is holding a Fundraiser to benefit Anthony Daniele, son of Wantaugh Fire Mechanic Joe Daniele, 18 recently diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia). His treatment is ongoing at this time and at present is in need of platelets. Click "read more" for details on the two programs.
    Anyone interested in donating platelets please contact Commissioner Craft or Superintendent Antonucci for more details: 516.785.1774

Meeting Notice - June 7, 2005 (UPDATE)

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Meeting Notices Kit Cafaro reports that Medford FD will host the next LIEVT meeting on Tuesday, June 7. A barbeque is planned for dinner.

Tom Nugent, a longtime friend of the group, will discuss the Kussmaul product line and general trouble shooting. Some of the new products he will talk about include the Auto Drain, the redesigned Super 30 Auto Eject and Battery Saver low ripple.

Full text of announcement follows

EVT Test - JUNE 4th

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EVT Testing We have gotten word from Mike S. that Carle Place FD will be an official test site for the EVT certification exam to be given on Saturday, June 4th. Call EVT at 847.426.4075 (or visit http://www.evtcc.org/ ) to register for the test. Use test site number 34526. You must be registered 2 weeks in advance to take the test - so the deadline to register is May 21st!

Last day for registrarion is May 13 ,2005. You must be a at the test site by 9:45 A.M. Tests Begin at 10:00 A.M. sharp! Proctor is Chief Iglesias.