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LIEVT News There are several sections of the LIEVT.org site of which you may not be aware. One important such area is the Links section. I usually submit new links to manufacturers or organizations as they present at meetings, and so you'll see the new links in the 'What's New' section for about 2 weeks. Once they get older than that, they disappear from the 'What's New' block, but you can find them again by clicking 'Links' in the section along the top of this site (where it says --> Go Home, Events, *Links*). If you don't see a site in our database that is fire related and that you think should be included, you can submit it. You can also search for links by typing in whatever you're looking for in the white box at upper right of the site (above where it says 'advanced search') and clicking 'Search'. Links that match your criteria will show up in the 'Links results' section.


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LIEVT News [originally posted by kit cafaro] I just looked at the pictures of the meeting at Coram. I hope that Richie McKenna, Van Johnson and Steve Justice of Allison will see them. They are excellent. Denis from Fire News did a great job and Nate Berry does a great job with the website.I never entered anything here before and I don't even know if this is the correct place but I wanted to say this.

Hey, I'm impressed - Kit posted this all by herself! Good work, Kit! Remember, the photos aren't actually up on this website. They are stored on Flickr.com which anyone can get a free account on. Clicking on the photos will bring you to *that* website (you will leave LIEVT). If the LIEVT organization wants to have unlimited bandwidth for photo storage, we could pay the small fee ($25 / year). Until then, it's free - but I can only store a certain amount of photos per month.

Christmas Party - Thu, Dec 15th

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LIEVT News The second annual holiday event will be held at 7 PM at the Thatched Cottage in Centerport, NY – No charge for members in good standing and a significant other. Non Members and guests - $50. each

RSVP by Wednesday December 7th via email RSVP link on this site or call Steve @ 631.476.8944 or Kit @ 631.543.7848

click 'read more' for links Thatched Cottage website
Map to the Thatched Cottage

Tech Training at FRC a success!

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LIEVT News Thanks to FRC (Fire Research Corporation) for hosting a day of technical training at their facility in Nesconset! The event went well, we've had lots of positive feedback from attendees. Everyone I spoke to at FRC thought the exercise was worthwhile and they hope to host another one someday. Several FRC employees participated in the training session including: Toh Meng, Deven Patel, Bob Galazka, Brian Roerich, Tomasz Salazkow, Mike Leek, and Mike (Bart) Bartholomay. Bob G. provided me with the following summary of the day's activities.

(click the image to view the gallery, or 'read more' to view the notes)

LIEVT Forums

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LIEVT News Several people have asked me about how to post questions or comments on this site. It's not very obvious, but look for the link at the top of the page that says "Forums". Click on that underlined word and the forums page opens up. From there you can click on interesting links until you get to an interesting area. You can click the "New Post" icon or "Reply" to start a comment. Comments are generally not permitted on the main stories (like this one) on this site, comments are made in the forums only.

LIEVT Photo Page

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LIEVT News Kit has been asking me about getting more pictures up on the site since we started this thing and frankly I never set this site up to do pictures (easily) so I have been stalling. Today I set up a free flickr account to hold LIEVT images of interest. I added a small block on this site to show some of them (right side, scroll down). If you click on those images you will be taken to the image page. note: The images are not located on the lievt.org server, so clicking on the link will take you to *another* website. Click read more for some helpful hints. Have fun!

Wantaugh FD Fundraiser Benefit and Blood Drive

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LIEVT News Wantaugh FD is holding a Fundraiser to benefit Anthony Daniele, son of Wantaugh Fire Mechanic Joe Daniele, 18 recently diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia). His treatment is ongoing at this time and at present is in need of platelets. Click "read more" for details on the two programs.
    Anyone interested in donating platelets please contact Commissioner Craft or Superintendent Antonucci for more details: 516.785.1774

EVTA Forum feed added

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LIEVT News Several months ago I mentioned to Kit that the EVT associations nationwide might collectively benefit from the application of a technology called RSS. In brief, RSS allows administrators of websites to include links to relevant content on other websites and have them updated automatically. In a first example of the power of this technology, please take notice of the links in the block at lower right. The links actually point to the latest posts on the new EVTA forums (not located here on this website). This allows us to scan the latest stories on that other website, and go there to read them if they seem interesting. Comments on this new addition to the site are welcome here in our own forums. Webmasters of other associations are welcome to include the latest posts of our forums to their own sites via this RSS feed. [note 2007: these links are no longer valid]

FDSOA symposium attendees

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LIEVT News Long Island Emergency Vehicle Technicians show up in force for the 17th annual Apparatus Specification & Vehicle Maintenance Symposium held by FDSOA (Fire Department Safety Officers Association). Their interaction with the manufacturers and expert speakers allows manufacturers to better understand the concerns and needs of Emergency Vehicle Technicians nationwide. Pictured here are the long island representatives. Planning today for a better vehicle tommorow.