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Meeting Report - April, 2018

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Meeting Reports The regular meeting of LIEVT was held at the Bay Shore Fire De]artment on April 12, 2018 . Close to fifty members enjoyed an excellent dinner and dessert and were made to feel welcome by the Bay Shore officers and men. The president, Bill D’Alessandro, opened the meeting with the pledge to the flag and a minute of silence for our past members and our service people.

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Bill asked Kit Cafaro to read the minutes from the last meeting. She had missed the last two meetings because of a knee replacement. She read the minutes from the meeting of February 15 at the East Farmingdale Fire Department that Nate Berry had taken. They were approved as read. Barbara Connolly reported that she took minutes at the March meeting but did not have them with her. She will bring them to the next meeting.

The president, Bill D’Alessandro, is working on a dry welding class for September. When the notice goes out – the first 20 applicants will be accepted. The Vice-President, John Manetta, is working on an air conditioning (correction: brake 180524) class for October or November. General Motors is flying people to do a day class during the week of June 4. There will be a $50. fee for each attendee. The treasurer, Barbara Connolly, reports close to 90 members. LIEVT has their bills paid and is in good financial shape.

Danny Peluso’s widow wrote a beautiful note to the organization in thanks for their thoughtfulness and reminding them how much this group meant to Danny.

Kit Cafaro sent a note of thanks for the goodies and the flowers the group sent her when she was in rehab.

The president and vice-president presented a framed certificate of appreciation to the Bay Shore Fire District. It was accepted by Commissioner Richie Christie.

Bill D’Alessandro introduced Micha Schekter of Matco Tools. Everyone went downstairs to see their products on the Big Rigs. He showed the diagnostic software and Matco’s advantage to save the customer money on subscriptions. At the end of the subscription year the customer owns the software and does not have to renew subscription unless updates are needed. He and his associates spent time with the members.

The meeting was adjourned.